Orientation trip to Gdansk

In October 2021, after three years of e-mail traffic and many delays due to the Corona pandemic, we could finally go to Gdansk for an orientation trip for a new project: audio tours around Dutch heritage in Poland.
Houses and fortifications in the old town of Gdansk were partly designed and decorated by Dutch and Flemish architects and artists during the Hanseatic period.

Just as surprising is the heritage that is connected to followers of the Frisian pastor Menno Simons. In the region east and south of Gdansk there is still much that reminds us of the presence of these Mennonites: they drained the swampy land, built dikes and mills, dug canals and ditches, built farms, ribbon villages, and churches with cemeteries. During our stay, we mainly spoke with our partners for the audio tours that are yet to be made and we strolled with amazement through the old center of Gdansk. Thanks to a grant from the Dutch embassy in Poland and additional funding from the matching fund of the DutchCulture/Heritage Desk, we can make various audio tours around Dutch/Flemish-Polish heritage with our Polish partners.