The Dutch Heritage World Tours Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote Dutch/Flemish heritage – and in particular heritage beyond the Dutch/Belgium borders.

We do this mainly by making audio tours with which we provide historically sound information and which we keep short and sweet. Or as one of the users of our “How Dutch Is New York?” audio tours noted: “Super helpful and very interesting to know a bit of the Dutch history without reading the whole encyclopedia!”
Whenever possible, we like to tell historical anecdotes. But we’re not going to get around topics like slavery either.

We offer our audio tours for free so as to not create any barriers in spreading knowledge about the cultural heritage we share with other countries: anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download our tours in the travel and museum app from izi.TRAVEL, which is also free.

Until now, we have received grants or other financial contributions to create our multilingual audio tours, among others from Dutch embassies in countries where we created audio tours: the United States, France, and Poland. For some audio tours we received additional funding from DutchCulture/Heritage Desk and the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames.

It’s our intention to extend this audio tours project to even more countries, in order to eventually provide a worldwide overview of the material and immaterial heritage beyond our borders. As the Dutch and Flemings have traveled wide and far, shared cultural heritage can be found in countries such as Suriname, South Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

Do you favor our projects and would you like to support the work of our foundation? We would be very grateful! Your donations will be fully used to create multilingual audio tours, thus raising awareness of the Dutch/Flemish heritage worldwide.

You can donate to the ING bank account in the name of Stichting Dutch Heritage World Tours with reference to ‘donation audio tours projects’.

IBAN: NL42 INGB 0396 1363 03

If you would like to make a donation of € 1,000 or more for a project in a specific country, please send an e-mail in advance to one of our co-workers at so we can discuss the options.